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Rocket Singh: The Inspiring Story of a Salesman Who Defied All Odds

Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year - How a Simple Salesman Changed the Game of Business

Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year is a 2009 Indian Hindi-language comedy-drama film directed by Shimit Amin, written by Jaideep Sahni and produced by Aditya Chopra under the Yash Raj Films banner. It stars Ranbir Kapoor as Harpreet Singh Bedi, a fresh graduate who becomes a salesman with a big corporate computer company, AYS. However, he soon realizes that the sales world is full of corruption, dishonesty and greed. He decides to start his own enterprise, Rocket Sales Corporation, from within AYS, with the help of some loyal colleagues and customers. The film is a satire on the Indian sales culture and a tribute to the spirit of entrepreneurship.

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In this article, we will explore the plot, themes and characters of Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year, and see what lessons we can learn from this inspiring movie.

Plot Summary

Harpreet Singh Bedi (Ranbir Kapoor) is a B.Com graduate with approximately 39 percent marks. He is passionate about sales and wants to make a career in it. He joins AYS, a big computer assembly and service company, headed by MD Sunil Puri (Manish Chaudhari). He is trained by sales head Nitin Rathore (Naveen Kaushik), who teaches him the tricks of the trade, such as bribing clients, lying about products and manipulating figures.

Harpreet is shocked by the unethical practices of AYS and tries to be honest and sincere with his customers. However, he faces resistance and humiliation from his seniors and colleagues, who consider him naive and foolish. He is also isolated by his friends and family, who think he is wasting his time and talent.

One day, he gets a lead to a customer, Sherena Khanna (Shazahn Padamsee), who lives within his previously assigned "sales zone". She is a fashion entrepreneur who needs computers for her business. Harpreet impresses her with his honesty and helpfulness, and agrees to give her some concessions. He also realizes that customer satisfaction is the key to sales success.

He decides to start his own enterprise, Rocket Sales Corporation, from within AYS, naming it after the paper airplanes thrown at him as an insult. He recruits software operator Girish "Giri" Reddy (D. Santosh) and receptionist Koena Shaikh (Gauahar Khan) as his partners. They use AYS's resources and contacts to provide better service and products to their customers at lower prices. They also hire other salesmen who are unhappy with AYS's policies.

Rocket Sales Corporation grows rapidly and earns loyal customers and referrals. Harpreet also develops a romantic relationship with Sherena. However, their success does not go unnoticed by AYS's management, who discover their secret operation and try to sabotage it. They fire Harpreet and his team, confiscate their computers and files, and threaten their customers with legal action.

Harpreet does not give up and decides to fight back. He exposes AYS's malpractices to their clients and media, and challenges them to compete with him on fair terms. He also reveals that he has been paying taxes for his income from Rocket Sales Corporation, unlike AYS. He wins the support of his customers and colleagues, who join him in his venture.

In the end, Harpreet succeeds in establishing Rocket Sales Corporation as a legitimate and ethical business entity. He also reconciles with his friends and family, who are proud of him. He becomes the salesman of the year in his own right.

Themes and Messages

Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year is a film that explores the themes of honesty, integrity, entrepreneurship and innovation in the context of Indian sales culture. It conveys the following messages:

  • Honesty is the best policy: The film shows that honesty pays off in the long run, even if it seems difficult or risky in the short term. Harpreet's honesty earns him respect and trust from his customers and colleagues, while AYS's dishonesty leads to their downfall.

  • Customer satisfaction is the key to sales success: The film shows that customer satisfaction is more important than profit margins or targets. Harpreet's focus on customer satisfaction enables him to create value for his customers and build long-term relationships with them.

  • Entrepreneurship is a way of life: The film shows that entrepreneurship is not just about starting a business, but about having a vision, taking risks, solving problems and creating opportunities. Harpreet's entrepreneurial spirit inspires him to challenge the status quo and innovate new ways of doing business.

  • Innovation is essential for growth: The film shows that innovation is essential for staying ahead of the competition and meeting changing customer needs. Harpreet's innovation allows him to offer better products and services at lower costs than AYS.

  • Teamwork makes the dream work: The film shows that teamwork is vital for achieving goals and overcoming challenges. Harpreet's teamwork enables him to leverage the skills and talents of his partners and colleagues, who share his vision and values.


The film features several memorable characters who contribute to the story and its message. Some of them are:

  • Harpreet Singh Bedi (Ranbir Kapoor): The protagonist of the film, he is a fresh graduate who becomes a salesman with AYS. He is honest, sincere, passionate and optimistic. He believes in customer satisfaction and ethical business practices. He faces many obstacles and humiliations in his career, but does not lose hope or compromise on his values. He starts his own enterprise, Rocket Sales Corporation, from within AYS, with the help of some loyal colleagues and customers. He becomes a successful entrepreneur and salesman.

  • Sherena Khanna (Shazahn Padamsee): The female lead of the film, she is a fashion entrepreneur who needs computers for her business. She becomes Harpreet's first customer for Rocket Sales Corporation. She is impressed by Harpreet's honesty and helpfulness, and gives him referrals. She also develops a romantic relationship with him.

Girish "Giri" Reddy (D. Santosh): The first partner of Harpreet for Rocket Sales Corporation, he is a software operator at AYS. He is smart

Movie Review

Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year is a movie that deserves to be watched by anyone who loves cinema and values honesty. It is a rare gem that combines comedy, drama, romance and social criticism in a seamless and engaging way. It features a brilliant performance by Ranbir Kapoor as Harpreet Singh Bedi, a salesman who challenges the corrupt and cut-throat sales culture of his company and starts his own ethical business venture.

The movie is directed by Shimit Amin, who previously made the acclaimed Chak De! India, and written by Jaideep Sahni, who also penned the script for Khosla Ka Ghosla and Company. The duo create a realistic and relatable world of salesmen, customers, bosses and colleagues, where every character has a distinct personality and motivation. The dialogues are witty, punchy and full of humour and wisdom.

The movie also boasts of a talented supporting cast, including Gauahar Khan as Koena, the receptionist who joins Harpreet's team; D. Santosh as Giri, the software operator who becomes Harpreet's partner; Naveen Kaushik as Nitin, the sales head who mentors Harpreet; Manish Chaudhari as Sunil Puri, the MD of AYS who tries to sabotage Harpreet's business; Shazahn Padamsee as Sherena, the fashion entrepreneur who becomes Harpreet's customer and love interest; and Prem Chopra as P.S. Bedi, Harpreet's grandfather who supports him throughout.

The movie is not a typical Bollywood masala entertainer, but a subtle and nuanced satire on the Indian sales culture and a tribute to the spirit of entrepreneurship. It does not resort to melodrama, songs or action sequences to spice up the plot, but relies on the strength of its characters, story and message. It does not preach or moralize, but shows the power of honesty, integrity, innovation and teamwork in achieving success and happiness.

Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year is a movie that will make you laugh, cry, think and cheer. It is a movie that will inspire you to follow your dreams and be true to yourself. It is a movie that will remind you that nice guys always finish first.

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